First Municipality to Receive Support in Drafting Integrated Permit Selected

Within Activity 2.4 of the Project, pertaining to provision of support to local self-government bodies in drafting the integrated permits for farms, the first out of a total of ten municipalities has been selected, and it will be supported in the procedure of integrated permit writing.

The selected municipality is Lajkovac, and the farm is broiler farm “Ruklada”, of Vindija Ltd. Lajkovac. The operator had submitted complete application, with all relevant permits and documents. At the meeting held on Friday, 18 January 2019 with representatives of the municipal administration and of Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, it was agreed that expert team will, together with the Ministry, participate in drafting the permit, primarily in the part that pertains to conditions defined in the permit.

The remaining nine municipalities will be selected later, based on completeness of applications submitted for farms in their territories.