Sweden and Norway in joint efforts for greener industry in Serbia – Closing Conference of the IED Serbia Project

Inspections techniques and
assessment of BAT in
new IED sectors

Several workshops held
for representatives of the environmental inspection

Conference on principles
of good practice in food
production industry held

Workshop “Improving raw materials and energy efficiency by applying BAT” was held for IPPC operators

Student Workshop
“Introduction to the Industrial Emissions Directive” held online

Municipality of Kula issued integrated permit for a laying hen farm

The Municipality of Velika Plana issued the first integrated permit

Workshop on biogas production held for operators of IPPC plants

Team 5a of the Fifth Belgrade
high school wins
“Tech Case Study 2020”

Final Competition of the
“Tech Case Study 2020”
supported by Project IED Serbia

Notice for the operators of IPPC installations in food industry, operators of IPPC farms and representatives of local

The City Administration of Zajecar
issued the first integrated
permit for pig farm

The IED Serbia project
supported the organization of
“Tech Case Study 2020”

New industry sectors subject to IPPC permitting according to the amendment introduced by the IED presented

Negotiation position for Chapter 27 on environmental protection adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia

Second meeting of the Working Group for the establishment of institutional cooperation with the aim of promoting

Support to Competent Authorities in issuing integrated permits to food
processing industry

Project IED Serbia at the 2019 Environmental Fair – Ecofair

Lajkovac municipality issued the first integrated permit

The IED Serbia Project a part of the “EU Green Day” in Subotica

The IED Serbia Project at the “EU Green Day” in Šabac

IED Serbia on the
Trash Challenge Day

IED Project on the
Swedish National Day

Study Tour to the
Republic of Croatia

Workshop on programs and funds available to the private sector

Support to Local Self-Governments in Issuing Integrated Permits

IED Serbia Project
at the meeting of Negotiation
Group for Chapter 27

Cooperation of institutions
for technological improvement of industry in Serbia needed

How to obtain IPPC permit – workshop for representatives of farms and competent authorities

First Municipality to Receive Support in Drafting Integrated Permit Selected

Obligations of
Industry within Chapter 27

Civil Sector Has Been Presented the Status of Negotiation Position for Chapter 27

Support to Local Self-Governments in Issuing Integrated Permits

Meeting in the General Directorate for Environment of the EC in Brussels

Monitoring emissions from large industrial installations – new guidance published

Activities and Results of the DSIP Drafting Presented

Revision of the Directive Specific Implementation Plan (DSIP) for IED

Opening Conference of the
IED Serbia Project