Lajkovac municipality issued the first integrated permit

The municipality of Lajkovac issued the first integrated permit based on submitted application of the operator Vindija Ltd. Lajkovac for the operation of the entire plant and performing activities of intensive rearing of broilers at the location of Ruklada poultry farm.

Lajkovac municipality is the first out of ten local self-governments to receive technical assistance from the IED Serbia project in drafting integrated permit for farms. The project expert team provides continuous support to the competent authorities in the preparation of new integrated permits by utilizing the template developed during the previous IPPC farm project and by organizing periodic meetings aimed to resolving of all issues related to permits preparation.

The complete text of the Lajkovac municipality decision on the issuance of an integrated permit to the operator Vindija Ltd. at the location of Ruklada poultry farm can be found on the municipality’s web site: