Negotiation position for Chapter 27 on environmental protection adopted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia

The Government of the Republic of Serbia made a decision on submitting the adopted Negotiation position for Chapter 27 on environment to the European Commission. In the preparation of Negotiation position for Chapter 27, a Directive Specific Implementation Plan (DSIP) for the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) was drafted in collaboration with IED Serbia project.

The Plan describes necessary measures for full transposition of the IED, and for implementation of provisions from this Directive at institutional level, and level of each operator. The Plan for full transposition of IED includes all legal amendments identified by the Government of Serbia as necessary for the establishment of legal framework and full implementation of the Directive. The document includes planned activities of the Ministry and other institutions, with the aim of providing full capacity for carrying out the tasks required by the Directive implementation. Finally, the document includes specific plans for bringing to full compliance those installations that have requested specific extended implementation period. For each of these industrial installations, the following was described: measures for achieving compliance with BAT requirements and related costs, sources of financing and schedule of investments, market, financial and social analysis, as well as arguments on how the delayed deadlines for achieving the compliance will not additionally damage the environment, nor will it potentially disturb competitiveness of these industries at the EU market.

The Negotiation position is a very complex document, development of which involved 150 representatives from 28 industries and state authorities of the Republic of Serbia. In addition to the text, the Negotiation position includes a total of 14 annexes, i.e. 1,650 pages of text, justification of financial framework for the activities in the coming period, so that the Republic of Serbia can achieve the European Union environmental standards.

Adoption of the Negotiation position for Chapter 27 on environment creates conditions for opening one important chapter more in 2020 within the European Union accession process.