November Mission of International Experts from Ireland held

The November mission of international experts on the IED Serbia project Patrick Lawrence Sweeney and Frank Clinton, focused on continuing environmental inspection training to enhance control and supervision of installations subject to the Law on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control. The training included preparation for environmental inspection, simulations of on-site inspection, and reporting on conducted inspection activities.

Environmental inspectors from the national, provincial, and local levels attended the training, with a special emphasis on inspectors at the provincial level this time.

Simulation of environmental inspections were organised at the company “Monbat PLC” LLC from Inđija, which is engaged in battery recycling and the production of lead alloys, and at the “Umka” LLC Cardboard Mill. A visit to the Public Utility Company “Belgrade Power Plants” was organised with the presence of representatives from the competent authorities for issuing integrated permits in the city of Belgrade and representatives of the Embassy of Sweden. On the fourth day of the mission, visits were organised to the company “Knott Autoflex” from Bečej, which is engaged in the production of vehicle bodies and trailers, as well as to the Public Utility Company “Novi Sad Heating Plant” Novi Sad – Heating Plant “East.”