Activity 1.1: Technical and financial assessment of the compliance of new IED operators

The operators identified during the IED project as potential new IPPC installations will be involved with the aim of analysing their compliance with BATs and BAT associated Emission Limit Values. The project experts will use the methodology established for the preparation of DSIP for IED, so as to identify gaps with the Directive and required investments to achieve full compliance with BATs, including a timetable for these measures. 

Activity 1.2: Completion of the Directive Specific Implementation Plan (DSIP) for IED

The project „Further Implementation of the Industrial Emission Directive in Serbia – IED Serbia“ prepared the DSIP for IED considering IPPC installations and Large Combustion Plants, since the full list of operators using Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Serbia was not available at the time. The project eVOC Serbia, funded by the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, worked in the last two years on the preparation of a preliminary register of potential VOC operators, which will be available by the end of 2021. The same methodology for technical and financial analysis that was used to prepare the first version of DSIP will be applied to operators using VOCs. 

Activity 1.3: Preparation of the plan for the implementation of the EU ETS Directive

Developing a plan for the implementation of the EU ETS Directive in the framework of IED would ensure a comprehensive integration with EU Green Deal and Green Agenda for the Western Balkans of relevant sectors (energy, industry) from the perspective of reduction of pollution and GHG emissions (not covered by the IED). Considering the EU ETS in the scope of the IED would suggest a complementary approach to this issue that would be reinforcing to both legal frameworks, rather than overlapping. 

Activity 1.4: Support to the negotiation process for IED

The Project will continue supporting MEP in preparing the Negotiation Position in the area of industrial pollution. The data relating to 68 operators included in the first version of the DSIP for the IED will be checked again and revised if needed, as well as other documentation attached to the Negotiating Position.