Activity 2.1: Completion of the legal framework set by the new Law on IPPC

The goal of this activity is to support the MEP in the preparation and adoption of the secondary legislation introduced by the new Law on IPPC. These by-laws will indicate the technical and administrative procedures and requirements, necessary for the effective implementation of the Law. In particular, the activity will focus on the legal acts necessary to regulate: content on the application for an integrated permit, content and template for integrated permits, register of integrated permits, and procedure for the issuance of an integrated permit for farm adopting general binding rules.

Activity 2.2: Preparation of technical manuals for the implementation of the new Law on IPPC

This activity will be aimed at preparing the technical guidance necessary for an easier and more efficient implementation of the new Law on IPPC by supporting operators in the preparation or updating of their application for integrated permit.

Additionally, a manual on the application of General Binding Rules for farms will be prepared, so to set clearly the steps needed to implement the related Rulebook. The manual will be used to support LSGs in preparing and issuing 15 integrated permits for pig and poultry farms.

Activity 2.3: Support to the integrated permitting process

This activity represents the core of technical support provided by the project to competent authorities (MEP, PS Vojvodina and LSGs) for an effective and efficient implementation of the new Law on IPPC that is going to be adopted by the end of 2021. 

Within the project, draft integrated permits will be prepared in cooperation with a group of permit writers, from every level of competence, in order to analyse and solve together as a team legal and technical problems related to a specific industry sector. In order to provide the widest possible range of support, operators will be selected from different sectors of the IED, in accordance with the MEP’s plan for the issuance of integrated permits. The sector for intensive rearing of pigs and poultry will have a particular place in the activity, due to its specific administrative process for the issuance of an integrated permit. 

Activity 2.4: Enhancing the enforcement of integrated permits’ requirements

In order to secure an effective implementation of the new Law on IPPC, the project will support directly the Sector for Control and Surveillance of the MEP by creating a core team for the control of IPPC installations, composed of inspectors from the national and provincial levels. The team will be trained to operate specific controls of conditions prescribed in the integrated permits. 

Activity 2.5: Creation of an information system on IED

Implementation of the IED Serbia project revealed that an electronic system to support the administrative procedures for the issuance and control of integrated permits would enhance significantly the efficiency of this process. The analysis of IED transposition, also, pointed out a major gap such as the lack of a national register of IPPC permits which therefore is not available to the interested public. The adoption of the new Law on IPPC offers the opportunity to fill this gap while also providing operators and competent authorities with an efficient tool for monitoring and control of integrated permits.