Activity 4.1: Creation of an Info Centre for BAT implementation

The outcomes of the IED Serbia project revealed that Serbian operators and institutions involved in the IED implementation still need to have specific and detailed technical data and operational information provided in a simple and easily accessible way. 

For these reasons, the establishment of an Info Centre on BAT implementation will ensure an increase in the level of knowledge of operators and competent authorities and a more effective implementation of the new Law on IPPC while also contributing to bringing industrial pollution and Green Transition up as an informative topic for the wider public concerned and to enhance dialogue and discussion between different stakeholders. 

Activity 4.2: Building capacity to implement the new law on IPPC

Once the new Law on IPPC enters into force and the related by-laws are adopted, the administrative procedures and technical approach to integrated permitting will be changed in accordance with new principles and requirements introduced by the Industrial Emissions Directive. 

In order to prepare permit writers for the implementation of the new Law, the project team will train them through a series of workshops that will be, then, complemented with practical, on-the-job training. Practical cases will be prepared as well as group exercises or role plays, in order to increase the impact of the training.

The capacity building plan will be completed with study visits that will give the opportunity to Serbian officers to share experiences and best practices related to the activities of the project. The main topics of the study visits will be the integrated permitting process and the Green Transition, decarbonization, and green technologies.

In order to increase the level of public participation in the integrated permitting process, activities will be organized for citizens of Belgrade and other cities where IPPC operators are located. 

Activity 4.3: Students’ participation

In the mid-term, young professionals with enhanced skills in topics like pollution prevention and green transition can contribute significantly to future implementation of the Directive and, consequently, enhance the level of environmental standards ensured by industries.

For this reason, the project will continue and extend the involvement of students in IED and industrial pollution, by organising workshops and seminars on topics related to the project, realisation of student internships, and support to student initiatives.