Technical support

Activity 2.1: Manual for efficient use of water and energy

Food production industries have high consumptions of water and energy, so they have the highest opportunities to optimize these supplies and save resources, according to the principles of IPPC. Best practices will be described in the manual and analyzed in Serbian Companies (case studies).

Act. 2.2: Guidance on by-products management

Food processing operators are characterized by industrial processes which produce significant amounts of by-products that, according to the new EU regulation on waste, can be re-used or recycled with favourable effects on the environment and an important impact on the economy. Each sub-sector is producing different type of by-products that can be treated or re-utilized in different processes or industries. The activity will identify these by-products and characterize their quantities in order to describe, subsequently, the most appropriate or convenient re-utilization in accordance with EU regulations and best practices.

Act. 2.3: Preparation of 10 draft integrated permits for different IPPC sub-sectors of the food processing industry

The activity will develop a draft of the integrated permit for 10 IPPC operators from different sub-sectors (slaughterhouses and meat production, dairies, fat and edible oil production, sugar factories and breweries) selected during the first month of the Project, giving priority to those who already have obtained the required additional permits (usage permit, water permit…). The project will prepare administrative and technical part of the permits, setting the conditions and Emission Limit Values, as well as the monitoring requirements. The activity will be carried out adopting the learning-by-doing approach, means that project experts will work in strict cooperation with permit writers in order to provide them with practical principles of integrated permitting.

Act. 2.4: Follow-up on IPPC farms project impact

The activity is aimed to pursue the activities carried out during the previous project (IPPC farms) in supporting operators and CA on the integrated permitting process. In particular, the project team will support Competent Authorities in the preparation of new integrated permits by utilizing the template developed and organizing periodic meetings aimed to discuss common topics and issues related to permits preparation. The support will be also extended to operators by the creation of a permanent help-desk that will be available for clarifications, information and support at technical and administrative level.