The IED Serbia Project at the “EU Green Day” in Šabac

The EU Green Day was also held in Šabac as a part of the EU campaign “Look around – Move”, with the aim of drawing attention to environmental projects in this city funded by the European Union.

The debate “Move for the Environment”, held at the Centre for Vocational Training, opened by the Head of the European Union Delegation to Serbia, Ambassador Sem Fabrizi, was participated by the IED Project representatives, Riccardo Quaggiato, key technical expert of the project, and Aleksandar Ćosović, expert for IPPC farms. Representatives of the project led by the French Institute, also participated in the discussion with young people. After the debate, videos dedicated to environmental topics were projected, including videos produced within the IED Serbia Project.

In the discussion, Mr. Quaggiato referred to the issue of industrial pollution and stressed the importance of monitoring and controlling the impact of large IPPC plants. He introduced the participants into the ways in which the EU is dealing with this problem, the existing legal regulations in this field, and the process of complying the legal regulations in Serbia with certain EU directives. During the discussion, IED Serbia project team briefly introduced the participants into the so far results of projects on IPPC farms and IED Serbia.

Šabac is the second city in which the “EU Green Day” event was held, and representatives of the IED Serbia Project will also participate in the “EU Green Day” in Subotica.