The IED Serbia project on National Day of Sweden

The IED Serbia project took part in the National Day of Sweden celebration and the marking of the upcoming end of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union at the “Cooperation for Sustainability” bazaar, which was held on June 7 in Silosi, in Belgrade neighbourhood Dorćol. Development projects financed by Sweden in Serbia were presented at the bazaar, which included the IED Serbia project.

The presentation of the IED Serbia project began with the presentations of student projects from various fields of environmental protection presented by Maja Rajković, Natalija Stanković, Dragana Grahovac, Ljubica Majstorović and Pavle Ljujić, students and young engineers of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade.

Students and visitors had the opportunity in continuation to participate in the “Meet the Expert” Q&A session, and talk with international project experts from Ireland, Bulgaria and Croatia on various topics of environmental protection. National experts of the project also answered visitors’ questions.

The eco-quiz prepared by the students for the visitors of the bazaar tested environmental knowledge as well as dexterity since the questions were chosen based on the points won by playing cornhole.

The project stand was visited by high-ranking officials from the Embassy of Sweden, colleagues engaged in the implementation of other projects supported by Sweden, and visitors of Silosi. Within the stand, posters were displayed that highlight the importance of the Industrial Emissions Directive for the protection of the environment and the regulation of emissions in all environmental mediums. Films made within the framework of the IED Serbia project were also presented. In addition to the pleasant impressions the quiz contestants were also able to takeaway special prizes that the project prepared for the visitors, such as t-shirts, thermoses, pens, notebooks, and other promotional material of the project