The IED Serbia project supported the organization of “Tech Case Study 2020”

The Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy of the University of Belgrade is organising the “Tech Case Study 2020” with the support of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the Cleaner Production Centre of Serbia, and the IED Serbia Project. The competition was created at the initiative of the Student Parliament of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, with the desire to bring the work of technologists to high-school students, and to test their engineering skills through a real problem-solving situation in the field of sustainable development.

Last year’s competition attracted more than 100 high-school students. Implementing this competition, we want to bring future freshmen closer to the knowledge they can gain during their studies, the everyday life of a graduate engineer and the attractiveness of the University of Belgrade. By supporting high-school students in selecting their future occupation timely, we contribute to the creation of professional staff, therefore their better position in the labour market.


Teams from all high-schools, Petnica Research Stations and Talent Centres in the Republic of Serbia are eligible

The maximum number of teams from a school/station/centre is four teams

The teams consist of three to four high-school seniors (3rd and 4th year)

It is desirable that each team has its own mentor (professor), who has a purely advisory role and cannot participate in the case study

If the team does not have a mentor, the organiser assigns a mentor (a student-volunteer from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy), who also has a purely advisory role

More detailed information regarding the competition can be found in the document, and the application form is available at: