The movie on Tech Case Study 2022 competition presented

During the “Tech Case Study 2022” competition, and within the framework of the IED Serbia and eVOC Serbia projects, a film was made that included several interviews we conducted with the main speakers and actors of this event. We interviewed: Mrs. Karin McDonald, Head of Development Cooperation Section at the Embassy of Sweden in Serbia, Mr. Nebojsa Cvejanov, Program Coordinator at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, Dr. Petar Uskoković, Dean of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade, Dr. Bojana Vukadinović, Project Manager of the IED Serbia project, Dr. Aleksandra Đukić-Vuković, docent, in front of the organizing committee, as well as Dr. Mirjana Kostić and Dr. Maja Radetić, professors at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade. Members of the winning teams also answered our questions, including Đorđe Nožanić, Nevena Ilić, Vukašin Lalović, Tamara Orlović, Maša Radisavljević, Una Gajić, and many others.

We asked the interviewees, among other things: Why is the support to environmental reforms in Serbia important to Sweden? How can Norway help in the transition process toward the circular economy? Why is circular economy important? How important is “green thinking and planning” for future technologists?

Watch here what they told us.