The Municipality of Velika Plana issued the first integrated permit

The Department of Urban Planning and Construction, Legal, Housing and Communal Affairs of the Municipality of Velika Plana has issued an integrated permit based on submitted application of the operator “UNION MZ” Požarevac, for the pig-breeding facility performing activities of intensive pig farming on the location of Trnovče farm.

Within the technical support, IED Serbia project team focuses its activities on supporting both operators and competent authorities in the process of issuing integrated permits. By using the Help Desk services representatives of the pig farm “Trnovče” approached the project team for support in revision of the application for an integrated permit in accordance with the work on renovation of the farm and preparations for submitting documentation to the competent authority. The IPPC permit was obtained as a result of cooperation between the representatives of the local self-government of the municipality of Velika Plana, the Department for Integrated Permits of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia and the IED Serbia project team.

This is the first integrated permit issued by the municipality of Velika Plana and the second issued for a pig farm in Serbia.

The IED Serbia project team will continue to provide technical assistance to operators and competent authorities in the process of issuing integrated permits for farms in the scope of its project activities.