Transformation of Society – an Inseparable Part of The Green Transition 

The project “Green Transition – Implementing Industrial Emissions Directive in Serbia” aims to provide broad support to the implementation of national regulations on integrated pollution prevention and control by promoting the transition of Serbian industry to green technologies. In addition to environmental issues, the project also covers interdisciplinary topics such as gender equality, approaches based on poverty prevention, and the promotion of human rights. This is precisely why a leaflet on a just green transition has been prepared, which takes into account not only the environment but social justice and human rights, leaving no one behind.

We had the honour to talk with H.E. Annika Ben David, Ambassador of Sweden in Belgrade, on this topic but also to present the company “S.C.S. Plus” from Knjaževac, which manufactures furniture and employs women in all segments of the production process and its management structure.

We presented the leaflet to the public during the celebration of Sweden’s National Day.

You can view the leaflet by clicking here.