Visit to the Pirot Regional Landfill as Part of the Mission of International Experts on the Project

The March mission of international experts on the project began in the Pirot City Assembly with participation in the workshop “Household Waste Separation”, which was organised within the project of the same name “O-dva-ja-mo” launched by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, with the support of the European Union and Sweden. A visit to the public utility company Pirot Regional Landfill followed, which deposits waste from territories of the municipalities of Pirot, Babušnica, Dimitrovgrad, and Bela Palanka, with representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, representatives of the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade, the EU Delegation in Serbia, representatives of municipalities and members of the project team.

The company “Regional Landfill Pirot” is one of the operators chosen in cooperation with the competent Ministry, for which a draft integrated permit will be prepared with the support of the Project. Namely, in order to ensure the maximum support of the project, operators are selected from different industrial sectors covered by the Directive, as well as different districts in Serbia.

As part of the March mission of international experts on the project, field visits to companies from the third group of selected operators are organised. Supporting the process of issuing integrated permits is one of the key activities within the technical support provided by the Project to competent authorities in Serbia. Fifteen draft integrated permits will be prepared in cooperation with representatives of competent authorities, in order to analyse and solve legal and technical challenges related to a certain industrial sector as a team.