Visit to the “Sojaprotein” Company within the mission of the international project expert

Together with representatives of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, Swedish Embassy in Belgrade and members of the project team, a visit to the “Sojaprotein” Company from Bečej was organised as part of the mission of the international expert on the IED Serbia Project, Mr. Richard Schlachta.

The purpose of the visit was to provide support to the Ministry in the preparation of the Directive Specific Implementation Plan for the Industrial Emissions Directive for operators who use organic solvents in their production processes. Directive Specific Implementation Plan (DSIP) defines measures and deadlines for full compliance of those operators with the requirements of Chapter V of the Directive. “Sojaprotein” is listed as VOC operator subject to the Directive, and this Company was an example on how to implement the entire procedure, from the collection of data on production processes and consumption of solvent, to the assessment of compliance of the production plant with the provisions of Chapter V of the IED, as well as identification of possible measures and deadlines to achieve full compliance.

The project team and distinguished guests were welcomed by the management of the “Sojaprotein” Company and representatives of the ADM Company, new owner of this Company. “Sojaprotein” is the largest soybean processing plant in Serbia, which is also one of the most important processors of Non-GMO soybeans in Europe. This Company obtained an integrated permit in June 2015, and they submitted the application for a new integrated permit to the Ministry in September this year.