Visits to VOC operators within the mission of the international project expert

The mission of the international expert Richard Schlachta was organised in the last week of October as part of Project Activity 1.2, which pertains to the completion of the Directive Specific Implementation Plan for the Industrial Emissions Directive. The IED Serbia project prepared the DSIP for IED within the previous project phase, but due to the necessity of including operators who use volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in their production processes, who were identified during the implementation of the eVOC Serbia project, DSIP for Chapter V of this Directive is currently being drafted.

The visits of international and local experts were organised in companies belonging to different industrial sectors and dealing with different VOC-related activities. On the first mission day, a visit was organised to Gornji Milanovac, to companies “Flint Group” and “Helios”, from the sector of production of coatings, varnishes, inks and adhesives. On the following day, a visit was organised to the company “Tarkett” from Bačka Palanka, sector of wood and other surfaces coating. On the third day of the mission, together with representatives of the competent Ministry and the Embassy of Sweden, the Project Team visited the company “Sojaprotein” from Bečej, which deals with the extraction of vegetable oils and animal fats. The visit to Nova Pazova and entrepreneur Aleksandra Stojiljković, who runs a dry cleaning business, was organised on the last mission day. 

In addition to supporting the Ministry, the international experts mission was also organised as a form of assistance and support to operators in identifying and eliminating possible incompliances with emission limit values, as well as in identifying measures necessary to achieve full compliance with the Industrial Emissions Directive.