Workshop on biogas production held for operators of IPPC plants

An online Workshop was held within the IED Serbia project “Biogas production – a sustainable solution for the treatment of organic by-products” for IPPC operators in the food industry, operators of IPPC farms and representatives of local self-governments. The Workshop was opened by Ida Reuterswärd, First Secretary of the Embassy of Sweden and Bojana Vukadinović, Project Manager of IED Serbia. Local and international experts gave useful presentations on biogas production facilities that represent one of the ways to treat and further utilize organic by-products generated in the production process in terms of Law on Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control and the Industrial Emissions Directive that operators have to comply with. Slobodan Cvetković from the Ministry of Environmental Protection presented the legislative framework and existing conditions for biogas production in Serbia, while Maja Matejić from UNDP Serbia presented examples of successful investments in biogas plants in Serbia. In the second part of the Workshop, Robert Spajić, an international expert of the IED Serbia project, presented examples and experiences from farms with biogas production facilities from Croatia and dedicated part of his presentation to the challenges related to writing permit conditions and drafting an integrated permit for IPPC operators that includes the production of biogas and energy.

Agenda of the Workshop can be found here and presentations here.